Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Busy Bee!

Dear Parents, As you were informed in last Friday’s newsletter we will be having a whole school Busy Bee on THIS SATURDAY the 24th of February.
Our school is in need of a good tidy up and with our up and coming school audit looming … now is the time. One of the main focus areas will be the pre-primary play area which is overdue for an upgrade and some TLC. We are hoping for a large turnout of parents from across the school years to lend a hand on the day. The old adage “Many Hands Make Light Work’ will really be put into action on Saturday. We have a long list of tasks to achieve and will be relying on the parent body to support us on this one. The list of tasks we will focus upon is as below. No doubt this list will grow: 
Refresh all sand pits 
Remove some brick paving in Pre Primary to create another soft fall play area. 
Pressure spray some paved areas. 
Sand and paint some weathered wooden benches. 
Repair some areas of raised paving. 
Weed and tidy up the kitchen garden. 
Paint some play equipment. 
Establish some new nature play areas if we have the necessary materials.
Materials and Tools Required: 
Garden tools.
Shovels, rakes, edgers, whipper snipper, blower, shears.
High pressure cleaner,Dingo,Carpentry tools,Garden rubbish bags.
Ute and trailers. Chainsaw. Chainsaw operator’s license.
Cobweb brooms.
Sanding tools.

Resources required:
Large rounded for stepping stones.
Small for cobbled path. 
 Logs- non treated dry hardwood. 
 Plants. Non-toxic. Sensory (i.e. smell, touch). No sharp leaves or prickles. 
 Wooden cable reels. 
Seedlings. Seeds.
Due to duty of care considerations, we ask that children are not on site. We will provide a sausage sizzle lunch and some refreshments. We need a firm indication of those who will be attending. Please add your name to the lists outside of the office or email Julie Birch if you are able to help.
As a matter of interest a couple of ex school parents have volunteered to give their time on Saturday as they remember the amazing Busy Bees that got OLC of the ground (almost literally) back in the day!  Every Busy Bee had a packed attendance and was enjoyed by all for the community spirit it engendered.
Due to safety considerations we cannot allow children to be around the work areas. However, if we get volunteers to watch the children on the oval, courts and nature playground then they may attend. We look forward to seeing you there. Please come armed with your shovel and rake.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Class reps

Dear Parents, 

This year we would love to have some volunteers to be class parent representatives for Rainbow Room. We need two from Kindy Red and two from Kindy Blue. Another option could be to choose two all up between the two classes. All Mums and Dads are welcome to put their hand up. 

It's not a huge job, but it allows us to keep great communication open between all parents if we have reps to coordinate events, classroom social gatherings and school community support. The P&F also appreciate class reps coming to some occasional meetings.

Come into Kindy and let me know if your keen to help?

Thank you again for all your support you give to the Rainbow Room team.

Kind regards, 
Miss Katie Horrocks.

Incy Wincy Spider

This week in Kindy has been all about the nursery rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider' and invsetigating all about spiders. The children have enjoyed singing the rhyme and putting actions and movement to the song. To help our little minds remember all the rhyming words, we made our own Incy Wincys and a spout to go with them.

The children played with pretend spiders outside and used them to climb up and down real water spouts/pipes in our sensory tray.

Even our Mummy helpers got involved and built spiders in the sandpit with eight legs. The children enjoyed using the different size pipes for spouts.

We sorted and counted coloured spiders indoors. We used our funky finger program to put legs on a collinder spider.

...And of course we had to have the drawing and painting centres open for some creative art work.

Miss Horrocks even showed us pictures of spiders that we should stay away from because they are dangerous. I think she preferred Incy Wincy over the Red back spider arrrgggghhhh! 

On Fridays little seedlings leave interesting play projects for us! The coloured ice blocks were a big hit. 

This is KIndy Blue constructing their own web just  like the story  " The Very busy spider"  by Eric Carl.

Sometimes we get special vistors come into Kindy. Thank you Lucy for letting us play with your Kitten.

                    Happy Birthday Maxwell and Harrison !

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Helpful Information

Hello Kindy Parents.

Just to clarify some beginning of year  questions...

The Kindy children are not expected to go to Assembly on fridays, when I feel they are truly settled into Kindy life, then we will  join in on Fridays.
Term One is all about getting to know each other and for the Kindergartens to become comfortable in their new school environment. Parent catch ups and interviews will not happen until Term Two. Please don't hesitate to come in and see me with any concerns that you have at any time. I am more available after school to chat rather then during gathering time.

My email is:

A  questionaire will be handed out to parents to fill in regarding important information about your child. Fill it out the best you can and hand it back to class teacher. I really appreciate this information so I can provide the best learning environment for all children.

Thankyou for your support.

Have a great week:)

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

First week fun with new friends

What a fabulous first week Kindy Blue and Kindy Red have had. They have all settled in so well to the daily routines of kindy life and are making many new friends. This first week has been all about getting to know each other and learning how to follow routines. I'm so proud of  how fast the children know what to do when they walk into kindy in the morning.Thank you parents for being so organised and making this transition so happy and smooth for the children|. There will still be some tears but that is very normal whilst the little ones are adjusting, so please don't worry.    

They love lunch time with their new lunch boxes even though they ask for lunch time every few minutes haha! All plastic and rubbish will come home in their lunch boxes because we are trying to reduce waste around the school.

Part of this Term's Oral language and literacy program, is remembering the nursery rhymes. The children will be learning the silly and funny verses through stories and songs.

Albert Einstein — ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales and nursery rhymes. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

 Week 2 is all about Humpty Dumpy and twinkle twinkle little star.

Every morning don't forget your child's fresh drink bottle, packed lunch, hat, piece of shared fruit, spare clothes in bag and the first layer of sunscreen applied.

Love Rainbow Room.

Check out the learning in Rainbow Room...but most of all the Kindys just want to play with their new friends and sometimes we stop everything for the children to enjoy their own learning momments e.g. we found a big stick insect yesterday and put together a new digger!

                                                              KINDY RED

Music with Mrs Horrocks


                                                           Making Humpty Dumptys


                                                        Adventures with     Humpty....



See you for Week three for more busy and   fun  times in Kindy.